Scale-Up Unicorn Fund

Together with our investors, we support hyper-growth technology companies that are changing lives and the world for the better.

A Portfolio of Stars

Scale-Up Unicorn Fund II invests in US Tech Unicorns valued between $2 and $5B.  These companies have proven their value, are resilient to downturns, and continue their hyper-growth by bringing tremendous benefits to customers while creating and transforming large markets.

Our Portfolio

Our Approach

Scale-Up provides investors with diversification among an expertly-vetted portfolio of top tech unicorns, without long-term lock-in. Our 2022 Investing in Unicorns Report describes the forces behind the growing unicorn herd, and how investors can distill the best opportunities.

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Combined Valuation of Unicorns in Each Region
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West Coast Equity Partners make investments through primary and secondary investment opportunities. Qualified investors including Ultra High Net Worth individuals and Family Offices often co-invest with us to build a personalized portfolio.

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Our prior fund – Scale-Up Venture Capital – was focused on mid-stage technology companies that use proven technologies to address as yet unsolved problems. As our portfolio companies matured and some became unicorns, we saw the opportunity to re-focus our investing on hyper growth companies poised to lead their markets.